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…writing this blog post. Yesterday I bought books on Amazon. Blogging is easier on the checkbook.

I am in the second day of my 3-week class on Health Communication. It consists of a lot more of theoretical discussion and debating the merits of particular things. It’s making me realize that I am more of a practitioner than a theorist. I want to be someone who uses these theories to help people. I’ll leave the creation of the theories to another scholar. Nevertheless, it is an interesting class and I am learning a lot.

I have been enjoying cutting back on work somewhat, too. Having 4 hours of class/day and nothing else is relaxing. For several months now I have spent the majority of my day doing things (partial, school, work) without much time to just do what I want to do.

The weekend clerk on our unit is leaving and I told my boss that I would rather do that than evening. It’s part time, 10 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. Having just two day a week at work puts it back into the proper perspective relative to school and personal time.

Yesterday my TV freaked out and only gives me 4 channels….3 of which are public television. I went to best buy and bought a digital indoor antenna, but I still don’t have any more channels. I think today I will return it and try something else.

Yesterday I also decided to do something different with my plants. I love plants and have several indoors, but I have this nasty habit of forgetting to water them. So I decided to scratch the traditional plants (except my norfolk pine which doubles as a Christmas tree) and move to succulents. I bought some succulents at Lowe’s yesterday and made a beautiful little cactus pot that goes across my windowsill. I also bough lilies, because I love lilies. I’m not sure though if I want to plant them inside or out. Planting them inside would mean more plants to water, which is what I was trying to avoid with the succulents. So they will probably end up outside, though I don’t have a clue if they need any special treatment during the winter. Live and learn, eh?

So this is a completely random post that has no logical progression and no point, but that’s pretty much how my life is right now.

And I haven’t bought anything online (though there are nearly 2 hours of class left…)

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The last 2 1/2 weeks have worn me out. With papers and exams and making up work I missed during partial. And then today the one class that made things somewhat difficult during my absence posted the final grade. I got 75%. not the end of the world, but not my best work either. I suppose missing seven weeks in the middle of the semester didn’t help. Especially in a class where participation counts for 25% of the grade. And I lost all the participation points during the time I was in partial.

Zephyr has been annoying me, and the weather has been calling my name, and I really just want to feel normal again.

Eating has not gone well lately. Somehow I lost 4 lbs in the last week. My therapist kind of freaked. I kind of freaked because I really didn’t intend to lose the weight. I didn’t think it was possible to lose that much in a week. Especially because my body hangs to weight astonishingly well. Apparently I have been blessed with a faster metabolism when it no longer is a blessing.

I’m currently at 34 on the med school waiting list. Soon I will tackle the AMCAS for the 3rd time (god that makes me feel like a loser).

Two good friends just got engaged. I spent a lovely weekend in A– with my boyfriend. Starting June 3rd I will have free time again. And that’s pretty much the end of happenings in my life.

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After seven weeks in partial and two weeks of school hell I have returned to the blog scene.

Partial went really well this time. I made a lot of progress. My body gained weight back very slowly, though. And I’m still fairly far from target. There are many patients who are unhappy with their target, because they think it’s too high. I’m not one of those. I wholeheartedly agree with my target weight range. But it takes a lot of food to get me to gain weight and it’s difficult to shove myself so uncomfortably full every day.

Erica set my limit for going back to partial less than two pounds below the weight I discharged at. I’m perilously close.

On the med school scene I’m currently at 35 on the in-state wait-list.

At work, I’m in the orocess of changing positions (from nursing assistant to clerk) but for now the staffing office and my boss are both using me as their bitch. I work as whatever is convenient for them at the moment. Often I’m told I will be clerking for the whole shift only to be pulled to be an NA halfway through. I was also informed yesterday that my boss is planning on me working two more weekends as an NA as well. I have decided that since I’m not scheduled to work most of next week I will not be picking up extra hours (as I’ve been doing the last couple weeks). Take that people who use me.

And I’m almost done with school! Only one paper, one homework assignment, one take-home final, and one regular final until I complete my first year of grad school. And then I immediately start three weeks of hell. I signed up for a 3-week class that lasts 3 hrs/day, 4 days/week, for 3 weeks. It wouldn’t be so bad except for the completely insane amount of reading I am expected to read EVERY DAY (plus the weekly papers and exams). I believe the professor is posting all of them this week though, which means that my “free” week next week will be spent attempting to do as much of that as possible.

Not much else in my world. Zephyr is still crazy, I’m mostly over my illness that caused two ER visits, and my bridesmaid’s dress for my brother’s wedding fits wonderfully.

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