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It Doesn’t Add Up

What do I do everyday that doesn’t contribute to my priorities and goals in life. What are my priorities and goals in life?

So a lot has happened since I last posted. Another semester is done. I only have 1 (or maybe 2) more! I finished my core MPH classes above the minimum GPA…okay, so it was impossible for me to pass and not get the minimum GPA. I was not extremely happy with my grades, though. I don’t know if my classes were that hard or if I was just so wrapped up in my own issues that I didn’t give them the time I needed to. My current project is trying to get a practicum lined up. I thought I had one and then the faculty who approve them didn’t like my idea of public health. And then I thought I had another one, but the person has yet to respond to my emails (it’s been over two weeks). We’ll see what happens there. Essentially that’s the only thing that determines when I’ll graduate as I’m taking my last 3 classes this spring. Another interesting topic, with my slightly different idea of public health and what I want for a career, I want to take a couple classes outside the college. My adviser has approved these classes, but I’m still waiting on the MPH program (who makes the ultimate decision) to give their approval.

At the beginning of November my therapist gave me an ultimatum: gain 4 pounds in 4 weeks or I was done with her. And that didn’t really happen, but I was so scared that I resorted to my ankle weights. And even then I didn’t make her requirement. Her reason was that if we don’t have the same goal then she doesn’t really want to work with me. I still freak out every time I see her and have to get weighed although she is still seeing me….essentially on a week-at-a-time basis (an unspoken agreement).

And I’m back in the med school wheel. Waiting waiting waiting.

Fortunately I have my monster to make me smile every day. And although he steals my food and barks at me, he doesn’t care at all what I do for school or a practicum or classes.

I shouldn’t forget about my lovely friends either, who also don’t care about that stuff 🙂

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