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Where to begin?

In recent events:

-I was waitlisted (again) at my only in-state medical school.

At number 36…so I probably won’t get in. So I have another year of ??? I’m retaking all the entrance exams again (GRE/MCAT/GRE Psychology subject exam) and applying to a variety of programs (MD/DO/PhD). In the meantime I’ll be looking for a job that is more than 20 hours/week, requires something beyond a high school degree, and ideally relates to my academic work.

-I secured a practicum so I will actually complete my master’s degree at the end of July.

At the student health center at the university here. I don’t have a specific project yet, so details are a bit slim right now.

-My weight dropped down a lot, but has been coming up recently.

-I stopped taking all of my medications for a couple months. Loved it because I no longer slept 12 hours/day. Hated it because I became moody and depressed. As of today I am on a new antidepressant.

-My boyfriend will most likely be living with me starting his fall/summer and I am somewhat scared about it.

He wants to move the plates! and I have to share my bed every night?! and he’s expecting to use my desktop computer!?! I don’t do well with this living with other people thing.

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