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And it begins

My first day of med school is in the books. It was pretty easy. I had a small group session where we have a fictional patient and gradually are given little snippets of the case and attempt to diagnose and treat the patient. With each bite of information the group gets a better idea of what happened, what might be wrong, and what we still want or need to know about the patient.

Then a syllabus lecture for my clinical/professional skills course, an introductory anatomy lecture that was identical to one I had this summer, an hour on how to use library resources for health science research (basically I played on the internet because I did a lot of that in my MPH), a meeting on lecture recording, and that’s it. I got a “job” with the notetaking service at school. Basically, 2 students are responsible for starting the recording software and uploading the recordings of all our lectures. We have to go to every lecture (which I was planning on doing anyway, there’s no way I’m disciplined enough to watch them on my own and I can’t watch them in double speed). And we get paid a minimal amount. Definitely nothing to make a living off of, but it makes for good latte money.

And I’ve wasted a lot of tonight. I do have some assignments and stuff to do by next week, but today was all review and I don’t have a test for 2 1/2 weeks. Why rush things?

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Med school starts tomorrow. I am excited and terrified. Med school isn’t easy and there are so many changes happening. I don’t deal well with change and have been having a lot of anxiety this week. I have already broken down and cried twice. I really need to get it under control because life isn’t going to get any easier.

Some of it is that things are different now than they were 2 weeks ago and still different than they will be next week. M moved here and has been spending most of his time at my house. I love him and it’s great to see him, but it stresses me out sometimes. Right now he’s practically living with me and I wasn’t prepared for that. He has spent all but 2 nights at my house and most of his free time during the days as well.

My schedule is changed; I can’t eat what I want or when I want; I haven’t been able to run. And because of all this I am totally freaking out. I’m naturally a very anxious person and if I don’t have medication I need to run to keep it in check. I don’t have medications and so running is the only way to manage it. Not running tests me enough, but add on all the other changes and I’m struggling.

But either way school comes tomorrow and I have to be ready to hit the ground running.

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