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Week 2

It’s hard to believe another whole week has gone by. I started week 2 by getting moved up to “level 2.” A somewhat arbitrary designation–basically it means you are completing all your meals and get to eat with other level 2 people. They aren’t struggling as much so it makes it easier to get through meals too. Because I’m in residential, it also means I can go on passes for meals/snacks off the unit on my own. I went on my first pass on Tuesday just for morning snack….meaning I went to Starbucks!!! We only get one cup of mediocre coffee in the mornings and I have been struggling with that. While I sort of wished I had found a local coffee shop, the Starbucks across the street (that taunts me day and night with its glowing sign) hit the spot. This weekend though with everyone visiting me I have more passes! Hopefully involving more coffee and possibly a diet coke….

Here’s how my days go

5:55 am: wake up, go wait in line outside the bathroom

6:20 am: bathrooms finally open, stand in the line for vital signs, pee in a cup, put on a see through gown, get weighed, hope I did all that quickly enough that I don’t have to wait in line for one of the 5 showers that 20 girls have to share

7:15 am: get meds, waste some time

7:30 am: breakfast

8:30 am: morning goals/intentions group

9:15 am: waste some more time, bathroom

9:45 am: snack

10 am: waste some more time

10:15 am: fresh air/outside time!!

10:30 am: some sort of therapy group (ACT, DBT, values, menu planning)

11:15 am: stand in med line, bathroom

11:45 am: lunch

12:15 am: waste some more time

12:30 pm: group

1:30 pm: waste some more time

1:40 pm: fresh air/outside time again!!!

2:00 pm: waste some more time, bathroom

2:15 pm: snack

2:30 pm: stand in line to get my electronics/free time

3:30 pm: turn electronics in (sad face), afternoon group

4:30 pm: waste more time

4:40 pm: another fresh air time!

5 pm: waste some more time, stand in med line again, bathroom again

5:30 pm: more f#$$ food (aka dinner)

6 pm: wrap-up group

6:30 pm: stand in line for my electronics again

6:40 pm: last fresh air time

7 pm: free time

8:15 pm: why the hell do we eat so often??? (aka night snack/tea time)

8:35 pm: more free time

9:15 pm: turn in electronics, stand in med line one more time, bathrooms open for an hour to get ready for bed hope there is an open sink to spit my toothpaste in

10 pm: sleep

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat

Speaking of which….it’s 9:13 meaning I have to turn in my electronics in 2 minutes…

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Week 1

I feel like I should write something to update people but I don’t know what. I’m tired. My stomach/GI system are very unhappy right now. I’m somewhat depressed. But I guess I’m in the right place to move forward. Hopefully the physical stuff will begin to improve and with some more weight my brain will come back.

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