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I’m here

How has it been so long since my last post? I started on at the end of July, but never finished it. But where to begin….

When I last posted I had just (like that day) put down my dog. Since then (like the day after) I wound up with another dog. Far sooner than M & I had intended, but as a veterinarian my mother has connections and hooked us up with a pretty cute sheltie puppy for a pretty good price. And that’s how we ended up with Ziva.


Ziva at 4 months old



She’s a doll, she’s crazy, she’s sweet, she’s beautiful and she still isn’t fully potty trained (grumble grumble).


Ziva at 9 months old


After a few months off I have returned to school part-time. I started last week with only ~2 hours/day. It’s all pretty much review for now. Actually in the entire 8 week class a solid 4 weeks is review of stuff I was still around for and passed exams on last year. So it seems a little pointless and somewhat boring, but I’ll probably be eating my words when January/February roll around. And hey, maybe I’ll honor this class.

Things are good with M. I’m hanging in there on the eating disorder front. Still seeing my therapist, not seeing my dietitian (not helpful, expensive, and was never a really good fit anyway), still seeing my psychiatrist (and still trying to figure out how I can ditch her because we are really really not a good fit).

I’m sure there’s a lot more to write, but a little bit is a lot better than nothing!

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