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What did I like about this time around? What did I do differently from the last time I took the MCAT? Was there anything I would do differently a third time? (which of course is a purely hypothetical question. There will be no third time…guaranteed)

Many questions for sure.

Last time I attempted to follow the MCAT 10 week home study guide (the one I posted here). But it didn’t really happen. This go around was much better. I’m not sure I would strictly do it again. In the front of the Mini-MCAT book there is a chart detailing which lessons of each subject need to be completed before attempting a particular Mini-MCAT. I think basing my studying on something similar to this would work better for me.

The strict 10 week schedule is great, and ideally I would do it perfectly. But, my days are not uniformly busy and I found myself doing less a few days and making up the missed stuff another day when I wasn’t busy. This worked out just fine, but not being on schedule made me really anxious. I like flexibility to an extent. More like planned flexibility.

So for example: To complete the first two Mini-MCATs the book suggests completing (I don’t remember exactly, but approximately…) Biology Lesson 1, Verbal Lessons 1-2, Physics Lesson 1, and maybe something else. If I were to make a general plan to finish the required lessons for Mini-MCATs 1-2 by a particular date and then fit my studying to be done before that day. That way I have flexibility and structure–essentially a less detailed structure.

I also found it helpful near the end to consult the topic outlines given by the AAMC. This was a good reassurance that I was on the right track and really knew the material as well as being a good quick study guide.

Here are the links for those:

Physical Sciences Topics (Content Outline)


Writing Sample Items


Biology Topics


Verbal Reasoning Skills


I would suggest checking them out.


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