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Different, different, different. Have I mentioned yet how change in the little things bothers me? The move to I— was not the most traumatic part of it. Moving apartments (or condo?) was not in and of itself terrible. Moving jobs and schools and starting a new degree–I can handle those.

It’s all the nitty-gritty details of life that get me worked up.

It started with unpacking. I love my new place, but I was really frustrated when the kitchen was set up differently than my last. I of course expected and knew that would happen, but it didn’t occur to me that it would be irritating. I hated that I had to reorganize all my dishes, choose new cupboards for food, situate things in the fridge and freezer differently and none of it correlated with the way I “liked” it. My bathroom supplies required an entirely new thought system. My general household stuff…same deal. What did stay the same? Not much….actually just my bookshelf. Honestly. The only thing I own that did not change a bit was my bookshelf.

Then came the bus system. Instead of having one integrated bus system I now had to deal with three: two different city bus systems and a campus bus system. And not just that, the new buses went in large loops rather than lines and had random names instead of the easy to remember colors.

New gas stations. I needed gas and although I have been to I— probably a good thousand times in my life I was suddenly blank on where to find a gas station. New grocery stores. Even the stores within chains had different set-ups and different products (on the bright side, I can get Chobani yogurt just a couple blocks from home now. I couldn’t find it to save my life in A—!). The Walmart is set up differently. Caribou Coffee is different.

These little things just grind away on me day by day and are more difficult than one, sudden, cataclysmic shift.

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