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My therapist weighed me this weekend. I had a general idea of where I was because last weekend I freaked out and bought a scale because I couldn’t stand not knowing anymore. It’s the cheapest scale possible though, so I don’t trust it’s accuracy more than a couple pounds. Anyway….back to the story…

I weighed 108. That’s what I weighed when I started 7th grade. I remember it because it was the first year I had a sports physical. I remember it because when I started 8th grade I was 107 and my doctor got all concerned.

108:  7th grade. At the time I was 5’0″. 12 years old.

108:  A new college graduate. I am now 5’4″. 21 years old.

What happened? A part of me was happy…108, what an accomplishment. But at the same time it was utterly terrifying. When I used to look back at pictures of 7th grade I thought I was thin (it was a different type, the pre-pubescent, no hips, no boobs, boyish-thin). Now I am 4 inches taller and I see nothing but fat on myself.

What happened?

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