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This is something that I want to spend more time on. I am deeply interested in environmental causes and this short little post will not do it justice. But since Earth Day is this week I really want people to look at this now even though I am incredibly bogged down with the last few weeks of the semester (papers, exams, concerts, and all that good stuff).

The No Impact Project is holding a No Impact Experiment Week. I know it technically started today, but this is something that anyone could do it during any week and the ideas included are useful. I know they say that doing it in a whole week gives you support, but I find that because I don’t live in a huge metropolis area there really isn’t any¬†obvious¬†support, so it wouldn’t make any difference if I did it now or in 5 weeks.

I just encourage you all to think about how we treat the Earth and how that is related to how we treat animals, and our fellow humans.

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