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This is something that I want to spend more time on. I am deeply interested in environmental causes and this short little post will not do it justice. But since Earth Day is this week I really want people to look at this now even though I am incredibly bogged down with the last few weeks of the semester (papers, exams, concerts, and all that good stuff).

The No Impact Project is holding a No Impact Experiment Week. I know it technically started today, but this is something that anyone could do it during any week and the ideas included are useful. I know they say that doing it in a whole week gives you support, but I find that because I don’t live in a huge metropolis area there really isn’t any obvious support, so it wouldn’t make any difference if I did it now or in 5 weeks.

I just encourage you all to think about how we treat the Earth and how that is related to how we treat animals, and our fellow humans.

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If you want to feel really bad about yourself:

1) Drive an hour every morning and every night while

2) Listening to Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded on audio

That is what I have done recently.  Every morning I leave at 6:45 a.m. to drive to my treatment program. Every night I leave treatment at 5 p.m. and return home [my parent’s house at this moment]. And I listen to audiobooks, the current one is Hot, Flat, and Crowded. I’ve read it before, and I do believe we need to make serious changes to save our planet and ourselves. So I already felt bad about all the driving I was doing with this ED treatment program and my lodging situation. Thomas Friedman has not been helping the situation.

I’ve had a rough time recently. Eating disorder treatment is hard; I knew that going in. However, it only gets harder. So it is getting harder and of course a part of me wants to quit now and not have to do the scary, difficult work of leaving behind my eating disorder behaviors that have been with me for so many years and helped me cope with a lot of distress. Not that an eating disorder is all good. Quite the contrary, in the long run it makes life immeasurably more difficult, but it is still something familiar. So along with all the difficulty inherent in treatment at this point, school is starting again. This Monday, the 11th. And I am two hours away–spending all day in a hospital talking about my feelings. Believe me, I am angry. I am angry that the treatment team doesn’t think I’m ready to leave yet (although I can also [logically] see that I am not ready to leave either). It is my last semester in undergraduate, all the classes I am taking I need to graduate, and I am incredibly scared that one of my professors won’t be willing to work with my absence and, as a result, I won’t be able to graduate in May.

The difficulty was getting to me yesterday. First a bit of background though. This year I bought a Sony Touch Reader, so all I have to do is borrow textbooks from the library, scan them into PDF (the library has wonderful, fast scanners to do this) and then put them on my reader.  On my reader I can highlight sections, write notes on the margins and bookmark certain pages. I am also planning to put the PDF slides that many professors put online before lectures onto my reader and then I can take my usual notes directly on the slides [on the reader]. I save paper, money, and a whole lot of energy and space by not having to lug around 12 lb textbooks. This weekend I returned to [A] to get my textbooks from the school library and scan them. I arrived at 6:15 on Friday only to discover that the library had closed at 5 and would be closed both Saturday and Sunday. That was the last straw. After spending an exhausting day talking about my feelings, being uncomfortably full from all the food they make me eat, driving two hours (listening to T. Friedman), and being angry about not being able to return to school, I broke down. I was sobbing about the library being closed. Ridiculous. I mean, I love the library and all, but it was a bit over the top. This morning however, I managed to see a little more clearly and realized that many college students don’t have textbooks the first week and class and manage just fine. I guess I will make the trek again next weekend (hopefully to stay) and get my books then. And I returned to my parent’s house today so I wouldn’t be tempted to not return to treatment on Monday.


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