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Break is here. Christmas has come and gone. I have been attending a partial program for eating disorders. This one has been a good fit for me. It’s hard, though. But I expected that. At this program we don’t choose our meals, the dietitian orders them and we have to eat it all. I am allowed three “hate foods” that they will not serve me, but will instead substitute a similar food. So far I have chosen only two: chocolate pudding and peas. I actually despise all chocolate, but apparently that is too broad of a category to put as a hate. It is good for me to be required to eat everything, but when I go home at nights and on the weekends it is so tempting to cut back on meals and not eat everything. I will be very glad when I am done with this and don’t have to eat the foods that I hate. I am afraid, however, that because of my naturally picky nature that I will be led back down the restricting path again. And I don’t really want to go there.

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