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Before writing this–I love grad school. I love my public health degree. I love learning about public health, the healthcare system, and all the other stuff we talk about. Even the class I was sure would be boring and stuffy (Healthcare Organization and Policy) is fascinating. I was enthralled through an entire lecture about the history of the healthcare system. And for those who don’t know…I don’t particularly like history. In fact I rather dislike general history (I don’t dislike the concept per say, but it isn’t for me to study), I never even really enjoyed music history. But this history….this history I love.

However I am starting to see the different world graduate school resides in.

For example: the following picture shows a sampling of slides that I was expected to understand.

I am proud to say that I understand them all now. After some long stares, and lots of reading, and a couple hours of lecture, and occasionally using my fingers to keep track of different places on the diagrams.

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