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Common Courtesy?

It seems like every day I come across numerous examples where people just lack common courtesy. It eventually starts to grate on a person. Cell phones seem to be a popular one as seen in these two examples I saw in a 10 minute span yesterday.

5 min before the start of a class: A girl is in the back of the room, talking loudly on her cell phone. She is freaking out because someone she knew was driving drunk, wrecked his car, broke all his ribs and a leg and an arm. Now I understand the seriousness of the situation, I have been there myself, but personally I would have taken the conversation to a more private place, particularly with this statement “If he makes it I’m going to beat his ass so hard that he will never drive drunk again.” Hmmmm…not my first statement upon hearing that a friend is in critical condition.  There were already a good number of people in the classroom chatting with friends, eating, or catching up on work; I would venture to guess that I was not the only one irritated.

Same class. Two minutes in. A phone rings out loud and the guy stands up and walks out to answer it. Several things bothered me in this situation.1. His phone was on ring. 2. He was sitting in the very front of the room and left to answer it. 3. Instead of silencing the phone as he left, he simply let it ring loudly as he walked through the entire population of desks. Yes, I understand that sometimes there are important calls that one has to take during class. I have had several, but I deal with them differently. 1. I have my phone on vibrate. 2. I sit near the back of the classroom so the fewest number of people see me leave. 3. I hit the silence button (not ignore) on my phone as I’m leaving, or open it up and wait to say anything until I’m out.

Not to pretend that I am perfect with my cell phone. I text during class, I have even texted during music rehearsals (although that behavior is firmly in my past), I text as I walk across the street, I occasionally talk on my phone as I’m going through checkout lines (although in my defense when it’s my turn I either hang up or ask my callee to hold on a few minutes). But I try to be respectful of society as a whole.

Other things that have bothered me in the past:

One time waiting in the Walmart checkout line there were two roommates checking out in front of me. They were splitting groceries as they pulled them out of my cart and I assumed that they would be paying separately. However, after the first section of groceries was paid for they informed the clerk that they didn’t want any of the rest and the poor lady then had to spend 5 minutes taking the groceries off the belt and placing them behind the checkout counter.

In PetSmart, a lady brought her beagle in and he pulled her through the aisles howling the whole time. And she is not the only person to bring an out of control dog to PetSmart. I refuse to go on weekends because there are so many people who don’t have the slightest idea how to keep a dog under control. Zephyr has not always been a perfect angel in PetSmart either. On one visit he started literally jumping on shelves, but he was a small puppy and I immediately pulled him in close and kept him from repeating. As he has grown bigger I am always certain to take food, a choke chain and, when he has been in severe periods of behavioral regression, a pinch collar. I am pleased to say that although he isn’t perfect and I personally would prefer his behavior to be much better, he is not a nuisance to any of the other customers or employees.

A resident in an apartment building next to mine always parks his car directly in front of his door even though he has a designated spot a little further down. This means that people in buildings set further from the lot (like mine) have to park farther away and can’t park in their designated spots. We all pay good money for a parking spot and I get very irritated when people think that their parking permit is worth more than another person’s.

Enough of my bitching.


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