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I won!

I bet on a very unlikely event happening and for the first time in my life it happened! The university closed today (an incredibly rare event). I don’t think they really could have functioned, anyway.  Biochem exam delayed until Friday, no physics lab, and no group presentation. Yay! The only thing that could have improved it would have been a medical school acceptance or interview offer. Alas, nothing of the sort.

It snowed until noon today with a final reading of somewhere between 12 and 15 inches, and the wind didn’t stop blowing until 5 pm, so up until that time everything they plowed blew shut again. Zephyr loves the snow and bothered me endlessly wanting to go outside. I would open the sliding patio door, he would step out, fall in over his head (he is 21″ at the shoulders, so no small feat), and immediately jump back in the house.

His blue eye seems even more prominent when is face is full of snow.
The drifts behind our apartment
He played in them a little
And then he helped scoop out my car. He so kindly pounced on every shovelful of snow to be sure it wouldn’t jump back to where it was. And we definitely had differing opinions as to whether he was more helpful standing on top on the shovel or off of it.
He tried catching snowflakes and for some odd reason kept losing them as they landed 😉 Silly me, can’t I see that they just fell at the bottom of the drift, and of course Zephyr is brilliant enough to pick out *his* snowflake from the billions of others on the ground.

Of course, now, I have probably used up all the luck for this current life and should never plan on such an unlikely bet again (sad day).


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