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May 2009: I fill out my first AMCAS

September 2009-March 2010: Medical school rejections come in (10)

May 2010: I fill out my second AMCAS

September 2010-March 2011: More rejections (4?) and 1 waitlist

June 2011: I fill out my third AMCAS

September 2011-March 2012: More rejections (3?) and 1 waitlist

July 2012: I fill out my 4th AMCAS and my first AACOMAS

September-December 2012: Some more rejections

December 2012: I receive my first 2(!) acceptances

Yes, 3 1/2 years after completing my first application I have finally received an acceptance. And not just one, but 2. Including a private osteopathic school in my home state that I would be very happy attending.

My first choice is still my in-state allopathic school (at my current university) and if I get in there I will accept immediately and drop my place (and lose my deposit) at the osteopathic school.

But the heart of the matter remains:

I am going to medical school in August. I have an end to my exhausting nursing support position. I no longer have to come up with reasons why I am still here.

I am going to be a doctor.

It still hits me from time to time and makes me so excited.

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